Najwa Barakat


Najwa Barakat (نجوى بركات) is a Lebanese novelist born in Beirut. She received a B.A. in theater from the Lebanese University in Beirut and a B.A. in film studies in Paris. She works as a journalist and radio scriptwriter. She won the prize for the best Lebanese work of fiction in 1996 for her novel, Bas al-awadim. 

She was also awarded a prize by the Lebanese Cultural Forum in Paris in 1997. She has written a novel in French, La locataire du pot de fer (1997).

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic & French)

  • al-Muhawwil (The Transformer, novel). Beirut: Mukhtarat, 1986.
  • Hayat wa alam Hamad Ibn Silana (The Life and Pains of Hamad Ibn Silana, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Adab, 1995.
  • Bas al-awadim (A Busload of Folks, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Adab, 1996.
  • Ya Salam (Wow, novel). Beirut: Dar alAdab, 1998.
  • Hayât wa ahlâm Hamad ibn Siléneh (The Life and Passion of Hamad)
  • Loughat al-sirr (The Secret Language)
  • Bas el-awadem(The Bus of good People)

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