Mona Daher


Mona Daher is a Palestinian Poet, Editor, and Writer. She was born in Nazareth on 18-10-1975.


2004- Methods of Education, Haifa University.
2004 - Completed an Action Research titled: “The Image of the Women in the Palestinian Written Media, based on Gender Policies”.
2002- Research Training for Palestinian Women, Held in Cairo, in Collaboration with the Education Action International (Before called WUS) in London.
2002- Course of a French Language (48 Academic Hours) at the "Centre Cultural Français de Nazareth".
2002- Women Studies - Feminist Theory, Haifa University.
2002 - B.A in Arabic Language and Literature, Haifa University.


Published Personal Articles in Newspapers and Magazines regarding women issues and various Poetry Topics.

Participates in Poetry and Literature Events and Festivals in Israel, Cairo and Europe:

  • Invited and Participated in "The Cairo 35th International Book Fair" in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the General Egyptian Book Organization- 2003.
  • Invited to France in "Teranova Festival International de Performances Poétiques" (18-28 Novembre 2004).
  • Invited and Participated in "Forum International Des Poètes" at the Haïfa University – Faculty of Humanities - Départment de Langue et Littérature Françaises- Centre De Recherches sur la Poésie Francophone Contemporaine (4-5 Avril 2005).

Books presented and accepted at the Literature Section in the "Institut Du Monde Arabe" in Paris, France.

Participates regularly in Poetry and Literature Events and Festivals in many Places in Israel: "The Centre Cultural Français de Nazareth", Magh’ar, Haifa, Nazareth and other cities…

Social and Artistic interest:

  • Member of the Association of Advancement and Nurturing of Arab Music in Israel
  • Member of  Sebat - A group preserving Archeological  Findings.
  • Member of the Association of Arab Children Friends (The Magazine named El Haya Lel Atfal- Life for the Children).
  • Member of "tokf"- Palestinian Writers Group.

Publications: (Arabic)

1) Shahrayar El Asser (Our Time's Sheheraiar), Poetry, Nazareth 1997.
2) Lailakeiat (Lilac), Poetry, Nazareth 2001.
3) Taeam El Toffah (The Taste of the Apple), Poetry, General Egyptian Book Organization- Cairo 2003.
4) Hekayat Jaddaty Movadat (Muvadat's Stories), Prose- Stories, Cairo 2003.
5) Assabeaa (Fingers), Prose- Poetry, Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, Beirut 2006.
6) Khamil Kasaluha Assabahei , Prose,  First Edition:Azmina, Amman- Jordan 2008.
Second Edition: The Institute of The Media in the Messela, Algeria 2009.

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