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Hind Labdag
(هند لبجد) is a Moroccan writer. She has a Law degree and is in the process of obtaining her Phd in insurance law from France. She is passionate about writing short stories and articles in philosophy and psychology. She has a seasonal column in Al Noubough Magazine.

She is a member of the Syndicate of Moroccan Writers and Researchers. She is also a member of the publishing committee in Al Noubough Magazine.

Her book “Itr Al bahr” (The Perfume of the Sea)  has been featured in multiple Moroccan national magazines and newspapers: Libération Newspaper,  L’Opinion Newspaper, Prescriptives Magazine, Al Maghrebia Newspaper,  and Al Mounataf Newspaper. “Nahib al Malaika” has also been the exclusive subject of discussion by famous Moroccan critics during a live two-hour interview on the Moroccan national radio’s popular show: “Sahrat Al Osbou’u” presented by Samira Lachhab (http://www.alidaa-alwatania.ma/)

The article “An Hakikat Al Waai “ (A Reflection on Consciousness) was published in Al Jarida Newspaper. And the article “ Al Iktia’ab wa Malakat Al Ibda’a” (Depression and the gift of innovation) was published in Akhbar Alyawm Newspaper. She also writes seasonal articles in Al Noubough Magazine.

(From Hind Labdag’s personal website)

Bibliography: (English)


  • A book of four short stories, “Nahib al  Malaika” (Cries of Angles),
  • “khimaron wa domou’ “ (Veils and Tears),  “Ishrakat Amal” (A Dim of Hope)
  • “Itr Al bahr” (The Perfume of the Sea)

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Hind Labdag’s personal website

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