Sahar Tawfiq


Sahar Tawfiq
(سحر توفيق) was born in 1951 in Egypt. She received a B.A. in Arabic with a speciality in literature and criticism, from al-Azhar University in 1974. She has translated several works of literature to and from English. A translated English collection of her short stories, Points of the Compass, translated by Marilyn Booth, received the University of Arkansas Press Arabic Translation Award. She teaches Arabic in Cairo Schools.

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

Short Stories & Novels:

  • An tanhader al-shams (For the Sun to Sink, short stories). Cairo: 1985
  • Bait el Anes, short stories, El Dar, Cairo: 2006.
  • Rehlet es-Samman (The Journey of The Seagull), Novel, Merit, Cairo, 2005
  • Ta'am ez-Zaiton (The Taste of Olives) Novel. Cairo: 2000
  • Points of the Compass: Short Stories, by Sahar Tawfiq, translated by Marilyn Booth, University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, USA, 1995. (Award of The University of Arkansas Press for Arab Literature in Translation, 1994).
  • Ann Tanhadera ash-Shams: Short Stories, Fosoul Collection, Cairo, 1984.

Stories for Children:

  • Gazirat el-Qorsan : (The Pirate Island) Story for children, September 2001, Kuwait.


  • Al Ushb Yoghanni (The Grass is Singing), a novel by Doris Lessing, Cairo, 2009
  • At-Tareeq At-Taweel: Muzakkerat Sabi Mugannad, Translation of Ishmael Beah's A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, Dar As-Shorouq, Cairo, 2009
  • Shahirat An-Nisa': Adab At-Tarajem wa Seyasat An-Nou' fi Masr: Translation of: May Her Likes be Multiplied: Biography and Gender Politics in Egypt, by Marilyn Booth, National Translation Center, Cairo, 2009
  • Al Haweyyah Wal-‘Onf: Wahmol-Maseer al-Hatmi: Translation of Amartia Sen’s Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny, Kuwait, 2008.
  • Crake wa Orix: Translation for the Margaret Atwood’s Orix & Crake, High council of Culture, Cairo, 2007
  • Al-Mozneba: Translation for the Margaret Atwood’s novel Alias Grace, High Council of Culture, Cairo 2005
  • Emara’a Muhareba: Translation for the Maxin Hong Kingston’s novel The Woman Warrior, High Council of Culture, Cairo, 2005
  • Ard el-Habayeb Be'eda Translation of Byram el Tunsi's Egypt, by Marilyn Booth, Cairo, 2002.
  • Falaho el-Basha: Translation, by Kenneth Kuno (The Pasha's Peasants), High Council of Culture, Cairo, 2000
  • Qesas Braziliah (Brazilian Short Stories) Translation, (Sahar Tawfiq and Khalil Kalfat), Kuwait, 2000.

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