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Liana Badr
(ليانة بدر) was born in Jerusalem, to a nationalist family, and was raised in Jericho. The family fled to Jordan after the 1967 invasion, and then to Beirut after Black September 1970. Badr interrupted the studies she began at the University of Jordan, and obtained a BA in philosophy and psychology from the Beirut Arab University, but she was unable to complete her MA due to the Lebanese civil war.

She worked as a volunteer in various Palestinian women’s organizations, and as a field reporter and editor in the Al Hurriyya review cultural section. After the 1982 Palestinian exodus from Lebanon, she lived in Damascus, Tunis, and Amman, and returned to Palestine in 1994.

She is a married mother of two. In addition to her literary work, she also runs the Cinema and Audiovisual department at the Palestinian ministry of culture in Ramallah, and a founding editor of the ministry’s periodical : Dafater Thaqafiyya.

Liana Badr is considered one of the most prolific Arab Women Writers. Her works include several novels, short stories, poetry collections, and children's books translated into several languages, including Spanish, German, Norwegian, Polish, Korean, and many more. She is also a prize winning film writer and director.

(From The Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre Foundation website)


  • A Compass for the Sun Flower -بوصلة من أجل عباد الشمس -1979
  • The Eye of the Mirror - 1991- عين المرآة
  • The Stars over Jericho - 1994.- نجوم أريحا
  • A Balcony over the Fakihani   1983 - شرفة على الفاكهاني
  • I  want the Day – أنا أريد النهار   1985.
  • The Stories of  Love and Chasing -1983 -  قصص الحب والملاحقة
  • A Golden Hell - 1993 جحيم ذهبي
  • The Shadows of Spoken Words"-  حوار مع فدوى طوقان  “ ظلال الكلمات المحكية
  • Collected Poems   –Lilies of Light.  زنابق
  • “ Other Cities” Short Stories - سماء واحدة. مجموعة قصص . دار الساقي  . بيروت 2007
  • The March of the Dinasours .2009.  was published in “ Freedom “
  • زمن الليل – نصوص شعرية – دار الساقي – بيروت . لندن .2008Poetry Collection

(Traslated from Arabic into English)

  • A compass for the sunflower - 1989
  • A Balcony over the Fakihani - 1993
  • The Eye of the Mirror – Novel  - 1994

Children's Books

  • Firas makes a Sea - فراس يصنع بحرأ 1978
  • In the School في المدرسة ، .1981
  • Layaly's Wishes are Beautiful أمنيات ليالي جميلة 1981.
  • The little Cat القطة الصغيرة  1981
  • A Journey in colors. ، رحلة في الألوان
  • Younes's Kite ، طيارة يونس ، .1990
  • The Friends are Crossing the River الأصدقاء يعبرون النهر 1997
  • A Cat who doesn’t Say Miao.  قطة لا تقول نياو ، 2007
  • The Red Snow Flower زهرة الثلج الحمراء ،2008

Films ( Written and Directed by Liana Badr):

  • Fadwa : A Tale of  a Palestinian Poetess - 52 min  - Betacam - 1999.
  • Zeitounat - 37 min - Betacam - 2000.
  • The Green Bird.37 min – Betacam –2002.
  • Siege ( A Writer's Diary).33 min.2003 . Beta& Digital.
  • The Gates are Open. Sometimes! 2006.42 min. Digital Beta &Beta Sp.
  • A match on Thursday Afternoon . 2006 . 3 min .
  • Al QUds – My City . 2010 . 52 min .


  • Rana’s wedding .2002 .Fiction .Directed by Hani Abu Assad.
  • Jerusalem : more than a city . Documentary .2003

Film Prizes:

  • Interanational award – “Sigilio de la Pace” from Florence Municipality and Florence Women Film Festival -  2007 – for the “Gates are Open. Sometimes ! ”
  • Zetounat won the bronze prize and the best work about  Women in the Arabic countries 2001 – Tunis –Festival of Arab radio’s  &  Tv’s.
  • Zetounat –won honorary prize  in the Short Film Festival –Tehran –Iran-2002.
  • The green Bird won the Bronze prize in Cairo International  Film Festival for children 2002.
  • Homage  in International Cairo Film Festival 2000 for Fadwa: A Tale of A Palestinian Poetess, and Zetounat Film.


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