Fawziya Rashid


Fawzia Rashid
(فوزية رشيد) has been writing fiction since 1977. However her first major publication came in 1983 with her novel al-Hisar (The Siege) followed in 1990 by her novel Tahawwulat al-Faris al-Gharib fi-l-Bilad al-Ariyya (The Metamorphoses of the strange Knight in the Naked Country). In 1994 two of her collections of short stories, Maraya al-Zil wa-l-Farah (Mirrors of Shadow and Joy) and Kayfa Sara al-Akhdaru Hajaran (How the Green turned into Stone) were published in one volume entitled Ghaba fi-l-Ara' (A Forest in the Wilderness).

Rashid has worked as a journalist on the culture page of Akhbar al-Khalij newspaper in Sharja since 1984. She has also written a range of critical and literary articles for teh Gulf and Arab press and has worked as a correspondent for a number of other newspapers in teh region. Her short stories have been translated into English, German, Japanese and Danish. At present Rashid is living and working in Cairo.

(From The House of Silence by Fadia Faqir)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Maraya al zill wa al-farah (Mirrors of Shadow and Joy, short stories). Beirut: 1983
  • Kayf sar al-akhdar hajaran (How the Green Became a stone, short stories). 1988
  • Tahawwulat al-faris al gharib fi-l-bilad al-`Arabia (Transformation of a Night, Stranger in Arab Lands, novel). 1990
  • al-Hisar (The Siege, novel). 1993
  • Ghaba fi-l-`ara' (Forest in teh Open Land, short stories). 1994
  • Imra'a wa rajul (A Man and a Woman, short stories). 1995

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