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`Aisha `Abd al-Muhsin Abu-l-Nur (عائشة أبو النور) ,(-1950), Egyptian novelist and short-storywriter. She received a B.A. in journalismfrom Cairo University in 1974. She worksas a journalist for the Akhbar al-YawmFoundation. She is a member of theWriters' Union, the Mro-Asian Peoples'Organization, and the UNDP workinggroup on women.


Some of her storieshave been translated into English. Her non-fiction works include Hiwarat sahafiya(Press Interviews, 1978), Irhalli-naltaqi(Go So We Shall Meet, 1993), Uhibbuk lauhibbuk (I Love You, I Don't Love You,1995), and Qalu Ii 'an al-mar'a, al-hubb,al-hurriya (They Told Me About Women,Love, and Freedom, 1997).

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Ferial Ghazoul)



  • Rubbama tajham yawman (Perhaps You'llUnderstand One Day, short stories).Cairo: Maktabat Gharib, 1980.
  • Musafir fi dami (A Traveler in My Blood,novel). Cairo: Supreme Council forCulture, 1981.
  • al-Hubb tifluna al-dall (Love: Our ErrantChild, short stories). Cairo: n.p.,1983.
  • al-Imda' Salwa (Signed, Salwa, novel).Cairo: 'A'isha Abu-I-Nur Publications,1985.
  • Wa-I-rijal yakhafun aydan (And Men AlsoFear, short stories). Cairo: 'A'isha alTaymuriyaPublications, 1989.


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