Munira Thabit


Munira Thabit
(1902-1967) (منيرة ثابت) Egyptian journalist and political activist born and raised in alexandria. She learned English, Italian, and Arabic and moved to Cairo to work in journalism in 1925. She published the French-language Le Poire newspaper, a political and literary weekly.

She then put out the Arabic-language al-amal. She published a series of articles in al-Alram entitled Khawatir tha'ira (Reflections of a Revolutionary), all signed "M.T." Her non-fiction works include Qadiyat Filistin: ra'i al-mar'a al-Misriya fi-l-kitab al-abyad al-injlizi (The Cause of Palestine: Egyptian Woman's Opinion on Britain's White Paper, 1039).

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Thawra fi-l-birj al `aji: mudhakkirati fi `ishrin `aman `an ma`rakat huquq al-mar'a al-siyasiya (A Revolution in the Ivory Tower: My Memories of Twenty Years of Struggle for Women's Political Rights, memoir). Cairo: 1946

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