Laila Ussayran


Layla `Ussayran
(1934-2007), (ليلى عسيران) Lebanese novelist born in Sidon. She received a BA in political science from the American University of Beirut in 1954. She worked for the Lebanese publisher, Dar al-Sayyad, and was a correspondent for the Cairobased Rose al-Yusuf. She received the National Cedar Medal (knight's rank) in 1996.

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)


Publications: (Arabic)

  • Lan namut ghadan (We Will Not Die Tomorrow, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Tali'a, 1962.
  • al-Hiwar al-akhras (The Mute Conversation, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Tali'a, 1963.
  • al-Madina al-farigha (The Empty City, novel). Beirut: Dar wa Maktabat al-Hayat, 1966.
  • 'Asafir al-fajr (Dawn Sparrows, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Tali'a, 1968.
  • Khatt al-a fa (The Trace of the Snake, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Fatah, 1972.
  • Qal'at al-llSta (The Craftsman's Fortress, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Nahar Publishers, 1979.
  • Jisr al-hajar (The Stone Bridge, novel). Beirut: al-Matbu'at Distribution and Publication, 1986.
  • al-Istiraha (The R~spite, novel). Beirut: al-Matbu'at Distribution and Publication, 1988.
  • Shara'it mulawwana min hayati (Colored Ribbons from My Life, autobiography). London: Riyad al-Rayyis Books and Publishing, 1994.
  • Tn'ir min al-qamar (A Bird from the Moon, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Nahar Publishers, 1996.

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