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Emily Nasrallah (إملي نصرالله) , maiden name "Abi Rashed" was born July 6, 1931 in Kfeir village, South Lebanon.

Emily started her formal education in the elementary public school of Kfeir. She followed her secondary education in Shoueifat National College, near Beirut, and went on to university at the Beirut University College (now the Lebanese American University) and on to the American University of Beirut where she received her B.A. Degree in Education in 1958.

In 1957, She married Philip Nasrallah, chemist from Zahle, Lebanon, and they raised a family of 4 children: Ramzi, Maha, Khalil, and Mona. Novelist, journalist, freelance writer, teacher, lecturer, women's rights activist, are some of the activities she has successfully engaged in. She started her journalistic and writing career while still at college level.

Her first novel, Birds of September, was published in 1962, and won her, three Arabic literary prizes. This novel is now in its tenth edition. It was followed by seven novels, four children's books, and seven short story collections which explore themes such as family roots, Lebanese village life, the war in Lebanon and the struggle of women for independence and self-expression. She is one of a number of Lebanese women authors known as the Beirut decentrists, who stayed in Beirut, shared the experience of the war and wrote about the conflict.

She participated in the 1988 International Olympics Authors Festival in Calgary (Canada), and was a panelist and guest reader at the 1989 PEN International Congress in Toronto and Montreal. She has participated as panelist and lecturer in conferences in Germany, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Egypt and USA.

Her works are quoted in Miriam Cooke's "War's Other Voices: Women Writers on the Lebanese Civil War" (Cambridge University Press). Her novel, Flight Against Time, 2nd edition, was published in English in 1998 by the University of Texas.

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Publications: (Arabic)


  • طيور أيلول (رواية)
  • شجرة الدفلى (رواية)
  • الرهينة (رواية)
  • تلك الذكريات (رواية)
  • الإقلاع عكس الزمن (رواية)
  • الجمر الغافي (رواية)
    Short Stories:
  • روت لي الأيام (قصة قصيرة)
  • الينبوع (قصة قصيرة)
  • المرأة في 17 قصة (قصة قصيرة)
  • خبزنا اليومي (قصة قصيرة)
  • لحظات الرحيل (قصة قصيرة)
  • الليالي الغجرية (قصة قصيرة)
  • الطاحونة الضائعة (قصة قصيرة)
  • أوراق منسية (قصة قصيرة)
  • أسود وأبيض (قصة قصيرة)
  • رياض جنوبية (قصة قصيرة)

Children Books:

  • الباهرة (قصة أطفال)
  • شادي الصغير (قصة أطفال)
  • يوميات هر (قصة أطفال)
  • جزيرة الوهم (قصة أطفال)
  • على بساط الثلج (قصة أطفال)
  • أندا الخوتا (قصة أطفال)
  • أين نذهب أندا؟ (قصة أطفال)


  • نساء رائدات – 6 أجزاء-
  • في البال

(Translated from Arabic into English)

  • Flight Against Time. 1987
  • A house Not Her Own, short stories. 1992
  • The fantastic Strokes of Imagination, short stories. 1995

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