sma Halim, (1921-2003), (أسماء حليم ) Egyptian writer. She obtained a B.A. in English from Cairo University in 1941 and an advanced degree in editing, translation, and journalism in 1943. She worked as a teacher for the Ministry of Education for many years and as a translator. She translated Elmer Rice's drama, Dream Girl, into Arabic in 1965, as well as Elena Dmitrievna Modrzhinskaia's Leninism and the Battle of Ideas in 1975.

She wrote 8 ayyam fi-l-Sa'id (Eight Days in Upper Egypt, Cairo, Dar al-Fajr, 1944), and Tard al-Injliz min qanat al-Suways (Expulsion of the English from the Suez Canal, Cairo, Dar al-Fajr, 1950).

She was arrested and remained in detention for five years, from 1959 to 1964.

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Fi sijn al-nisa' (In the Women's Prison, short stories). Cairo: Dar al-Misriya Books, 1958.
  • Hikayat 'Abduh 'Abd al-Rahman (The Story of 'Abduh 'Abd al-Rahman, novel). Cairo: Dar al-Thaqafa Printing and Publishing, 1977.
  • Arba' zawjat wa rajul (Four Wives and a Man, novel). Cairo: Dar al-Thaqafa al-Jadida, 1980.
  • Mu'iizat al-qadar (Miracle of Fate, novel). Cairo: Dar al-Thaqafa al-Jadida, 1985.
  • Ikhwan al-Safa wa khullan al-wafa (Brethren of Purity and Friends of Fidelity, short stories). Cairo: Dar al-Sha'b Foundation, 1998.

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